It’s All About People: The key role of team building & managing them in the Restaurant Industry.

Presenting at the Indian Restaurant Congress, Akhilesh explained the art & science along with the importance of selecting the right team for a restaurant venture, grooming them and effectively managing for the success of the business.

Malt & Salt Hospitality was invited by the Indian Restaurant Congress to discuss and present on how to build great teams for managing restaurants successfully.

Akhilesh is extremely passionate about people and processes and thus had a great time interacting with and presenting to a large audience comprising of Hospitality & Restaurant professionals from across India.

Key highlights brought forward by Akhilesh were :

  • The importance of selecting the right attitude in people
  • Importance of searching for and selecting candidates with distinct personalities
  • Developing an innate internal company culture revolving around people
  • Remembering that we work in a people’s business
  • Encouraging & enhancing soft skills and emotional quotients
  • Focusing on continuous trainings & improvements
  • And many more important aspects including Esprit des Corps

The two-day conference was a great confluence of industry leaders & professionals leading to a deeper learning & understanding about the Indian restaurant industry.