Creating F&B Concepts & Managing Profitable Hospitality Businesses.

We Offer Three Key Services

New Restaurants

This is the end to end journey from concept development to the actual build and management of the restaurant.

Existing Restaurants

With a focus on value creation, growth acceleration & restructuring.

& Acquisitions

Growth & Consolidation

Starting New Restaurants

The Fun Part

Concept Development

The trickiest yet the most fun-engaging part of any restaurant journey is its evolution or in other words, developing its soul, hence its concept.

We call it fun because it is embedded and emboldened with creativity, passion, research, beliefs, mind mapping, cuisine orientations, uncertainties and above all, a deep desire and ambition to make the finest restaurant ever.

We believe in the journey of understanding and mind-mapping the entrepreneurs’ visions and desires in shaping the concept direction. We help every entrepreneur transform their concept from being a tacit idea into a touch & feel environment thereby giving birth to a new journey and creating their dream restaurant.

Starting New Restaurants

The Important Part

Concept Build

This is akin to giving birth to your baby. The seeds sown in the Concept Development stage, grow within the embryo now.

This is really the stage where the entrepreneur’s vision is crafted into ground reality by making hard choices in real estate selection, interiors & design, recruitment, technology, ingredients shortlisting, recipes development, food costing, creating processes for the business and giving it the soul & vibe it truly deserves.

This stage is so important that many an entrepreneur tend to overrun time and cost to perfect the outcome. For us, this stage borders on obsession with getting everything right and ensuring the baby comes out all smiles.

Starting New Restaurants

The Critical Part

Concept Manage

To see your new-born, crawl, then walk and finally bicycle & run is indeed a great feeling. Opening your restaurant and seeing it stabilize & flourish is no different.

The labour of love is now ready to stand on its own feet but requires a lot of hand-holding, guidance, encouragement, sometimes punishment and a whole load of commitment to nurture & grow towards being the best restaurant ever.

Managing all that was envisioned and implemented in the earlier stages makes this part the most critical. You can build a great concept and restaurant but if you don’t manage it well enough, then it is surely doomed for failure. We call this the most critical part as this truly stands between the success or failure of the restaurant.

Supporting Existing Restaurants

The Operations Hub

Everyone needs a hand, every once in a while. We not only lend you that hand but also stand shoulder to shoulder mentoring, advising, helping and supporting you in envisioning, developing & managing your restaurant concept.

Value Creation

We take you through the journey of developing business plans, budgeting out the finances, preparing blue-prints, building the venue, pre-opening to launch, post-opening management thereby creating a cocoon for your concept.

Growth Acceleration

Growing and scaling the concept is easier said than done. We hand-hold this very critical journey, by conducting a deep-dive analysis of the concept and prepare it for taking the right steps forward.

This is done by implementing necessary operating procedures and suiting the best accelerator model to the concept, be it franchising, owner driven expansion, partnerships, operatorship or a buy-out mechanism.

Focused Restructuring

Very often restaurants tend to lose their initial steam, energy and thus loyal customers thereby taking them down the path of suffering losses, not only financially but also reputationally.

This could happen owing to a multitude of reasons ranging from lack of commitment, shifting priorities, competitive landscape, negative re-invention, financial mis-management and many more.

We step right in, hold the reins & steady back the focus. Re-energising the brand, setting systemic procedures, inculcating committed values are amongst many tasks that we undertake, thus achieving hand-in-glove operations along-with an energized & creative work-force, to effectively manage the business and establish a lasting reputation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Striking The Hammer

There isn’t any other business or industry so dependent on the people who run it and the skills they possess. It is often very difficult to put a number or return on investment upon them.

Preparing you to buy a great concept or to sell yours, requires in-dept knowledge and a whole load of experience within the Hospitality industry. We bring in this sharp focus of measuring the explicit and the tacit workings of each concept to take it through its journey of evolution via a transaction.

We are not private equity or fund management people but we understand F&B to its core and bridge the journey not only for the concepts but also for each entrepreneur & investor, alike.