Restaurants, Cafe’s & Lounges: Simplifying key elements for the industry.

This two-day conference brought to the fore many interesting participants, new faces, hard-hitting topics of discussion and the opportunity of meeting industry professionals.

Participating in the conference, Akhilesh from Malt & Salt led many discussion panels surrounding topics of the emergence & importance of deliveries for a restaurant, selecting the right location in today’s high-octane retail environment and starting & scaling an F&B business.

Each session was well empowered and represented by industry professionals shedding light on their experiences & best practices in the industry. A lot of key elements that came forward were:

  • How deliveries are changing the way food is consumed
  • How the delivery trend is poised for greater growth thereby consolidating its position as a way of life for existing & newbies entering the restaurant space
  • International trends in food delivery and dark kitchens thus affecting how we choose locations for new outlet openings
  • Key metrics to be considered while setting up different kinds of F&B ventures across genres of the industry’s value chain
  • Connecting with customers in the fast-changing digital world and yet knowing who your customer is
  • Key touch-points in engaging with customers, their preferences, establishing a direct rapport with them and aiming at providing enhanced personal experiences