Navigating the Pandemic Tunnel.

We find ourselves locked in against our own wishes, for our own betterment & safety. No one knew that this pandemic would grow to such scary heights, take away so many loved ones, make so many sicker, cripple the world economy, force closures of schools, universities, markets, economies, tourism, hospitality and affect every facet of our lives, personal and professional

A great interaction focusing on navigating the pandemic with peopleHum, a leading
technology platform that is shaping the Future of Work by developing the next generation people platform by extensively deploying predictive and AI technologies to enable better people decisions for organisations.

Focusing on customer service, customer engagement, people management, team building & motivation, the discussion centered around the most important aspect of the industry : People

People make up the Hospitality Industry, be they customers, employees, team members or suppliers, there are people at every end of the matrix and thus it is that much more imperative to take care of each and every member involved in the chain of supplying, producing and providing a superior experience

Leadership as a key asset became a focal point during the discussion, not only in the pre-Covid world but more so in the current times. Leading from the front, holding everyone’s hand, guiding teams, motivating people around with a lot empathy and navigating the business at the same time are every leader’s challenges & opportunities, especially in today’s highly charged and precarious environment

New realities of doing business and living our lives is now the way going forward. Business models, irrespective of industry, but more so for Hospitality, have to be re-looked, re- designed and possibly also turned over their heads to create new ways of working and operating, which shall then hopefully lead all of us towards a brighter future

Leading teams and businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic tunnel whilst maintaining high standards of ethics, morale, quality, perseverance and hope were the key aspects highlighted during the discussion. There is light at the end of the tunnel and as leaders, we must navigate carefully but surely to come out on the other side, fitter, stronger, leaner and as a unit, together.